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Welcome to USA Custom Cables, your one source for copper and fiber optic cables & adapters for computers and networks, USB, SCSI, IDE, coaxial, audio,  s-video, cat 5, ethernet, serial, KVM, LAN, ATA, fibre channel,  T1/T3 lines, and more.

Please browse  our product categories for your particular connectivity requirements.  For additional help please E-Mail us at info@usacustomcables.com.

Alarm and Security Cables
Alpha and Belden Cable
Apple IBM Sun
Audio Cable Assemblies
Automotive Cables
Built to Specs and Custom Cables
Built to Specs Coax Cables
Bulk Cable
Bulk Fiber Copper
Cable and Wire Harnesses
Cable and Wire MIL Spec
Cable and Wire Power and Signal
Cable Assemblies Offshore Manufacturing
Cable Assembly Manufacturers
Cable Assembly Prototypes
Cable Design Engineering
Cable Engineering, Assembly and Testing
Cable Extrusion
Cable Harness and PCB Assemblies
Cable Injection Molding Parts
Cable Manufacturer
Cable Manufacturing OEM and ODM
Cables and Adapters
Cables for Alternative Energy
Cables for Communication Devices
Cables for Consumer Electronics
Cables for Security Surveillance Systems
Cables, Harnesses and PCB Prototyping
Cable Strain Relief Grommets
Cable Tooling Milling Grinding CNC
Canada Computer Cables
Canadian Custom Cable
Cat6 and Cat5e Patch Cables
CCTV and Card Access Cables
Coax Cable Assembly Manufacturer
Commercial and Industrial Cables
Computer Parts
Copper Cable Drawing
Custom Cable Companies
Custom Cable Service
Custom Cable Solutions
Custom Cable Supplier
Custom Coax Cables
Custom Fiber Patch Cables
Custom Length Cables
Custom LSZH Cables
Custom Medical Cables
Custom Military Cables
Custom OEM and ODM Cable Assemblies
Custom Patch Cables
Custom PC Ribbon Cables
Custom Power Cables Extensions
Custom Power Cords
Custom Pro Audio Video
Custom RF Cables
Custom USB
Custom USB Fiber Video Coax and more
Data Communication Cables
Digital Signage Cables
Digital Signage Interconnects
Drive Cables
Electrical Connectors
Electro Mechanical Assemblies
Electronic Cable and Wire Harnesses
Electronic Cable Asemblies Turnkey Solutions
Electronic Cables OEM and ODM

Electronic Connectors
Ethernet Cable Manufacturing
Fiber Armored Cable
Fiber Cables LSZH US Made
Fiber Simplex Duplex Assemblies
Fiber Trunk Cables
Hubs Adapters Network Cards
IBM Token Ring
Indoor Outdoor Fiber
Industrial Cable Assemblies
Injection Molding Wire Processing
Instrumentation Cables
Intranet Cables
Irradiated Cables
Lan Cabling Installation
Lan Furniture
Laser Optimized Fiber Cables
Laser Optimized Fiber Jumpers
Lighting Cable Products
LMR Cables
Low Loss 50 Ohm Coax
Low Loss Fiber Cables
Low Triboelectric Noise Cable
LSZH Cables
Made to Order Coaxial BNC Cables
Medical Cable Assemblies
Medical Equipment Cables
MIL Spec Cables Connector Kits
Molded Cable Assemblies
Molded Cables and Tooling
Multifiber Assemblies
Network Cables Design Prototypes
Octopus Hydra Assemblies
ODM Cables Assemblies
OEM Cable Wire and Assemblies
PCB Assemblies
PC Cables
Photovoltaic and Wind Farm
Port Cables and Extensions
Power Cable Assemblies Extenders
Power Cables Computers Electronics
Racks Cabinets Patch Panels
Rapid Cable Prototypes
RF Cable Assemblies
Ribbon Cable Assemblies
Rubber Molding Parts
Serial and Parallel Cables
SMA Cable Assemblies
Smart Cables SMT/ML PCB
Specialty Cables
Surge Protectors
Switch Boxes
System Cables
Telco Cables
Telephone Cables
Trunk Cables Custom Made
Turnkey and Value Added Cables
USA Cable Assembly Company
USA Custom Cables
USB and Dsub Cables
USB and Firewire
Video Displayport DVI HDMI
Wire Harnesses
Wireless Networks
Wiring Blocks

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